Secret Supplier Info for Blogshops in Bedok Reservoir Road, East Singapore for sale

Secret Supplier Info for Blogshops

She has been my supplier for a few years already. Made quite a lot of money by selling her goods. Simply because its super cheap!
She sells:
foldable water bottles @ $1.90
connector rings @ $2.90,
envelope wallet @ $4.50,
envelope clutch @ $8,
mood rings @ $1,
roulailai wallets @ $6.20
monster backpacks @ $12.70
floral backpacks @ $12.70
jack union backpacks $14.50
slim P wallets @ $5.50
fred perry slingbag @ $8
fred perry backpack @ $9.50
inspired supra shoes @ $21
and some other stuff :D
The info, in my opinion, is worth at least a hundred dollars.. But I'm willing to sell this info to anyone who is interested @ only $30.
Can only give to a limited amount of people only..due to the obvious fact that it would put me at a huge disadvantage if I sell this info to many people.
If you have always wanted to start up an online business selling these stuff, or you are a seller who is searching for cheaper supplies, grab this opportunity now!
Just drop me an sms: 84180480